Nourish Women’s Conference 2017

Posted: 10 May 2017

Overlooking picturesque Watsons Bay the women at church gathered last weekend to learn about Finding God Amongst Life’s Tangles. The autumn sun was in peak form for warm discussions and good banter, many laughs and even a few literal tangles as the day unfolded. 

We were treated to fine preaching as Janet Riley took us from the yearnings of Psalm 42 to the bold actions of the faithful in Daniel 3. Along the way she pointed us to God’s continual presence, generosity and goodness even amongst hardship, spiritual dryness and persecution. Janet also shared how God has walked with her as she has faced the unexpected tangles of life.

Our own Sarah Alland and Meg Chatterton spoke of...

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Grace Alone

Posted: 05 May 2017

Grace is the most amazing word in the Bible. It's what the whole book is about – that God freely reaches into the muck of our fallen world, through his Son and the giving of his Spirit, and radically transforms us from what we were (sinners) into what we are now by grace (the children of God).

How do we get this grace? Why does God show us this grace? There can be no more important question for a person than this. And sadly the answer to this question is often vague or untrue. That's why we called this series The Essentials, because we are getting back to the essential teaching of the Bible on how it is anyone can come into relationship with God. That's what this week is about,...

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New series: The Essentials

Posted: 28 April 2017

This year we mark 500 years since the Protestant Reformation, when Christians protested the corruption and abuses they saw in the established church. At a time when the church had drifted away from the essential and true teachings of the Bible, five slogans emerged which got right to the heart of authentic Christianity. 500 years on, these slogans are just as important as ever.

This term we're looking at each of these slogans as we get back to the essentials of Christianity. Here is the outline of the series. I hope you can make it.

Sun, 30 April    Bible Alone
                         Where can I find out the truth about God?

Sun, 7 May       Grace Alone...Continue Reading

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The Good Life

Posted: 21 April 2017

This week we will be turning to one of our purple passages, this time, Psalm 1.

In our world, there are stacks of competing visions of the good life. Our vision of the good life will shape our desires, our pursuits, our emotions and our decisions. With so much at stake, it is crucial that we get this vision right. What is the good life? I'm sure you have plenty of ideas, so come along on Sunday ready to hear what God has to say.

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How can a loving God allow suffering? (Open Forum)

Posted: 20 April 2017

These evenings are for anyone wanting to discuss objections to the Christian faith in an open forum over drinks in a local pub. No matter who you are — sceptic, seeker or saint — we’d love to have you join us. The forum will begin with a 15 minute talk, followed by an extended Q&A dialogue.

How can a loving God allow suffering?
Tuesday 9 May – 7pm

Light bar food will be provided.

Location: Trinity Bar (upstairs)
505 Crown St, Surry Hills

Speaker: Toby Neal is the founding pastor of Vine Church (Surry Hills). He regularly speaks to people in the inner city about the objections they bring to Christianity. In his forums he weaves together pop culture, philosophy,...

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Where Love Descends / Where Hope Rises

Posted: 13 April 2017

I'm really looking forward to coming together this weekend to reflect on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.
We've got hot cross buns, a chocolate fountain, live jazz in the grounds, an Easter egg hunt, and a BBQ. It's a great event to bring your friends and family to. If you haven't already, why not invite them now.

Can I also encourage you to spend the weekend reflecting and asking God to show you the height and depth and width and length of his love, and for it to change you!

I'm really excited to be teaching on the two gardens Jesus finds himself in at the end of the gospels. On his last night, he prays in agony in the the garden of Gethsemane and here we learn...

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Celebrate Easter with us

Posted: 07 April 2017

At Easter, we come together to celebrate the amazing news that Jesus Christ conquered death and gives new life to all who trust in him. While Good Friday is a time of reflection on the death of Jesus Christ, Easter Sunday is the party day for Christians the world over. Whoever you are and whatever your background, we’d love for you to join us and explore Jesus with us.

Good Friday

Easter Sunday
10am & 4.30pm
With hot cross buns and live jazz

St Michael’s Anglican Church
Cnr Flinders & Albion St, Surry Hills

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The Mission of Jesus

Posted: 07 April 2017

It's a week until Easter, and I'm really looking forward to spending next weekend with you celebrating that Jesus conquered death and now gives new life to all who believe. We're meeting on Good Friday (10am) and Easter Sunday (10am, 4.30pm) plus there's going to be hot cross buns and live jazz.

This Sunday we are finishing our series on Jesus' last night with his disciples, looking at his prayer for them as they live in a world without him. His prayer raises questions about what our involvement with the world should be.

  • Should we withdraw and live a quiet life without the temptations of the world?
  • Or should we conform to the world – breaking down barriers and getting...
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Sarah’s Weekend Away thoughts

Posted: 01 April 2017

With something like 160 of us, there were plenty of both old and new faces as Viners gathered at Collaroy for our annual Weekend Away. The stunning coastal setting was the perfect scene to be reminded of the immensity of our God as Joel Hollier led us on a journey into Hebrews in three parts.

First, we were challenged to expand our perception of how big Jesus is with seven statements from Hebrews 1. My personal top three: He is the heir of all things, the One through whom the universe was made and the radiance of God's glory – like rays of the sun.

The second session took a practical turn as we were encouraged to irritate each other – not like young siblings, but to stir up...

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The Prayer of Jesus

Posted: 31 March 2017

We had an amazing Weekend Away last week up on the Northern Beaches hearing people sing songs from the 80s and share the way they're following Jesus in their lives. Here's one person's reflection on what they took away from the weekend:

"We all go through struggles in life that challenge our faith and it is so important to have a church family and friends that are there to help you and continue to steer you towards the Lord. It is also equally important for you to be that person for someone else."

We hope you also had a great time. If you haven't yet, we'd love to hear your feedback.

This Sunday and next, we are wrapping up our series on Jesus' last words to his disciples...

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