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It was great to see you all at Vision Sunday last week. We heard how Jesus is building his Church, and what that means for our church. If you missed out you can listen to the message here

This Sunday we are starting a new series running all the way up to Easter on the last night of Jesus life. On this night Jesus turns to his disciples and teaches them what really matters. This Sunday, he will teach us what really matters as he bends down to wash his disciples feet (John 13).

Hope to see you this Sunday.

Yours in Christ,

Toby Neal

Ps Don't forget the early bird rate for the weekend away is available only for the next two weeks here. Whether you've been with us...

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Vision Sunday

Posted: 03 February 2017

This Sunday is VISION SUNDAY! It’s a chance to hear where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a church.

Last year, I shared how I felt compelled by God to spend the year with a focus on devotion— to God and to one another. In an individualistic and consumerist culture, devotion is a virtue that we especially need to cultivate.

In 2017 I’ve chosen a theme for the year, which I pray would likewise shape our life as a community together. I’m really looking forward to sharing this vision on Sunday with you, and to interview a few of our brothers and sisters as they share how God has called them to take up this theme for their lives. There's also going to be a BBQ lunch and...

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Weekend Away 2017

Posted: 03 February 2017

Whether you have been with us every week or are new to Vine Church + St Michael’s, we would love it if you joined us for our weekend away. We are going to have a great time together by the beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches relaxing with friends and hearing amazing Bible talks.

24-26 March 2017

The Collaroy Centre
22 Homestead Ave, Collaroy
(40 minutes' drive from the city)

Accommodation Options
Hotel Rooms
Each hotel room contains 2 king single beds, a sofa bed, ensuite, television, tea and coffee making facilities, and linen is provided. Please nominate which person you would like to share with.

Cabin Rooms
Each cabin block has 10 rooms that can...

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Man Camp 2017

Posted: 03 February 2017

Join us as we escape the city and head to the stunning surrounds of the Basin campsite, just one hour drive from Sydney. Always a highlight of the church calendar, Man Camp is one weekend you don't want to miss out on. We'll eat good food, relax together and be challenged with some thought provoking talks and discussions. 

When & Where: 24-26 February 2017, The Basin, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

More details will be sent to you closer to the date about logistics, car pooling etc. 

Cost: $75 (See 'Ticket options' below for single day prices)

Register and pay here


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In search of identity

Posted: 27 January 2017

A number of years ago Madonna was interviewed by Vogue Magazine in which she shared her drive to succeed. She said,

My drive in life comes from a fear of being mediocre. And that's always pushing me. . . I push past one spell of it and discover myself as a special human being and then I get to another stage and think I’m mediocre and uninteresting. . . Because even though I've become Somebody, I still have to prove that I'm Somebody. My struggle has never ended and it probably never will.

Madonna knows herself better than most of us know ourselves. She knows that her sense of self, her desire for self-worth, her need to be sure she is somebody – is not fulfilled. 


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Decision regarding location of the 430pm service

Posted: 27 January 2017

Over the past two months we’ve moved our 4.30pm gathering to St Michael’s to give the setup teams a break over summer and to maximize the visibility of the church over the Christmas period (as it’s a time more people are wiling to come to church).

Over this time many people have asked whether we will return to the Crown Street Public School hall or leave and make St Michael’s our gathering place.

The decision (affectionately known to some as Crexit) was put to the public (well, not really) and we found that:

  • 6 people prefer to meet at the school
  • 33 people prefer to meet at St Michael’s, and
  • 6 people have no preference

There were many reasons put forward as to...

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In search of freedom

Posted: 20 January 2017

To many, the idea of placing yourself under rule and reign of God sounds like the opposite of freedom. Freedom, it is thought, is the absence of anyone else telling you what to do. And yet one of the greatest promises Jesus makes us is that if we entrust ourselves to him, we will know the truth, and the truth will set us free. We all naturally struggle with this idea.

Join us this Sunday as we explore how Christianity satisfies our longing for freedom.

Don't forget the Working Bee this Saturday, and that there will be an announcement made at the 4.30pm service regarding whether we're staying at the church or returning to Crown Street Public School.

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In search of satisfaction

Posted: 13 January 2017

Our lives are stuffed with trifles and trinkets—a visible sign that we are not satisfied. Indeed, our stuffed lives are like the bloated stomachs of starving children. They betray our hunger, not our satisfaction."
--Albert Haase

This Sunday we're looking at the search for satisfaction and whether Jesus Christ offers us anything which can satiate our hunger for happiness. It’s going to be a good message to bring along a friend to, so why not ask someone today.

Also, this Sunday I’ll be introducing to you our new student minister Simeon Cumberland, plus his wife Kristen and kids. Simeon brings our number of student ministers this year to four, which includes Seb Lane, and...

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In search of meaning

Posted: 06 January 2017

I wonder how often you stop to ask the question 'what is life all about?' As both a social worker, and now as a pastor, I've had cause to ask that question many times over and I've seen people come to many conclusions. If I've learned nothing else, it is that people in our city are seeking something deeper than the superficial answers that modern secular society is giving them.

This week we are beginning a four week series seeking satisfying conclusions to humanity's biggest questions. Come prepared to think hard, to engage with philosophy, history and the Bible and to examine critically your own worldview. This series is designed to be approachable for both Christians and...

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And so another year begins

Posted: 30 December 2016

And so, church, another year begins! Once again, we want to thank you all for making 2016 such an incredible year, and a special shout out to all who helped pull off a great Christmas series. We hope you are enjoying some well-earned rest and spent Christmas time reflecting on the glorious hope that we have in Jesus.

As we set out on the adventure that 2017 is sure to be, what better way to equip ourselves than by spending time with God's people, discovering the God of creation. This Sunday (January 1!) we will be diving into Psalm 19, discovering how it is that we can know God, and how it is that we can enjoy this God.

Looking forward to seeing you there at 10am or 4:30pm....

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