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Questions about Vine Church finances

Posted: 14 April 2014

Thanks for everyone who engaged with last nights sermon in person and via response cards.

Here are a couple of questions I received afterwards regarding the discussion about finances.

What was the deal with your personal example last night?

One concern some people raised last night was my use of the personal example regarding giving. What I said was a...

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Murdering your conscience

Posted: 07 March 2014

This Sunday we are looking at one of those scenes in Gospel of Mark that would fit perfectly into an HBO TV series: the beheading of John the Baptist.

In the sketch by Pablo Picasso's above you will see the characters in this story (Mark 6):

    — the weak-hearted King,
    — the murderous Queen,
    — the naked daughter,
    — and the head of the...

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To Hear, To See: Community Group Study Helpers

Posted: 02 March 2014

We move onto week 5 of our studies in Mark by looking at chps. 6:14-8:30. Now, like much of Mark we need to be keenly aware that each story in the Gospel has a purpose. They never act alone but will cluster together to make a significant point in the Gospel. Within these chapters we see 3 main characters: disciples (6:30-52; 7:17-23; 8:1-21, 27-30),...

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Launching the new Vine Kids

Posted: 20 February 2014

On March 9 we are launching the new Vine Kids under the leadership of our new kids pastor Dale Brown. It's going to be a really fun church service so bring along any families you think would benefit from a vibrant and Christ-centred kids ministry in the city.

The City of Sydney is having a baby boom at the moment, with the school-age population expected...

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Weekend Away 2014

Posted: 14 February 2014

Next month we are heading up to the sunny Central Coast and staying by the water in houses at Wagstaff for the Vine Church Weekend Away (28-30 March). If you have only just joined us at church or you've been around a while we'd love you to be there for a weekend of food, drink and good conversations.

Our guest speaker this year is Tim Baldwin from EV...

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The Unstoppable Seed: Community Group Study Helpers

Posted: 14 February 2014

This Friday we look forward to next week as our Community Groups gather and look at the four Parables in Mark 4. I use the acronymn SLIM to remember them (soil, lamp, itself, mustard) but English was not a gift that God blessed me with so send through some that are better. These Parables have been titled the Kingdom Parables as Jesus refers to the 'Kingdom...

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Jesus Moves Out: Community Group Study Helpers

Posted: 14 February 2014

As we embark on our studies of Mark's Gospel, each Friday we will upload a brief 'Study Helper' to provide our Community Group leaders with a couple of tips for leading others through Mark's Gospel. As you use these tips, there are a few assumptions you need to understand...

  • Each person in Community Group will come to the study 'filled' with a...
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A Simple Structure for Community Group Studies

Posted: 13 February 2014

How do we move away from Comprehension Groups to Community Groups? How do we create deep discussion over God's word that takes us to the depths and beauty of the Gospel? How do we seek to reach the heart of the members in our groups, that we may see and challenge their true desires and dreams? How do we not have another "Guess what's in James' head"...

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Hampers for families in crisis

Posted: 23 December 2013

This year as part of the Vine Church Christmas Offering each Community Group put together a Christmas hamper for families in crisis accommodation at St Vincentian House, Surry Hills.

Watch the above video to see what difference these hampers will make in the lives of families this Christmas.

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Mentoring Young People in Crisis

Posted: 06 December 2013

Hello interested mentors!

As most of you know we had an information session for the mentoring program last week. Many of you contacted me saying you are interested, but not able to make that night, so we are running another information session in a few weeks. This will be the last chance to come and find out about the program and register your interest...

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