Gideon: the cowardly cowboy

Posted: 04 August 2017

We've been challenged over the past couple of weeks as we've looked at the Old Testament book Judges and the way God uses people whom the world ignores to bring salvation to his people.

This Sunday Brian Leung will be speaking on the story of Gideon — a man who starts out a coward but who ends up overconfident and foolish. How do you tread that balance between cowardice and overconfidence? Come and find out this Sunday.

Also this Sunday we'll be talking about what we're doing with our double-barrel name Vine Church + St Michael's. Should we keep it or choose one of these names to represent us into the future?

Finally, please pray for the group of the leaders going away this weekend to be trained to better lead our church.

See you Sunday!

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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