God’s Cowboys

Posted: 18 July 2017

The Old Testament book Judges reads much like a spaghetti western: there’s no sheriff in town and the townsfolk have elected a villain. But as the tumbleweeds roll on down the street, God’s cowboys stroll in for a showdown and ransom His people held captive.

Join us this winter as we look at the way God saves His people through a bunch of ragtag cowboys.

Sun, 23 Jul     Ehud: the left-handed assassin
                       Judges 3

Sun, 30 Jul     Deborah & Jael: the deadly damsels
                       Judges 4

Sun, 6 Aug     Gideon: the cowardly cowboy
                       Judges 6-7

Sun, 13 Aug   Samson: the sex-addicted saviour
                       Judges 13-16

Sun, 20 Aug   Israel: no sheriff in town
                      Judges 19-21

Author: Meg Chatterton / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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