Hide & Seek: The Ache for Intimacy

Posted: 02 June 2017

Life is a game of hide and seek. We seek the warmth of intimacy to escape the shadow of loneliness, yet we also hide from others, putting up walls, in fear of being seen for who we truly are.

In the middle of the Bible, God has given us a book which teaches us about this ache for intimacy. It surprises us with its realistic descriptions of the fear, joy and pain of real relationships. It's a book for all people – married and single – because it holds out hope that God will answer our ache for intimacy.

Join us over winter as we listen to The Song of Songs, through all its teasing and tension, its peaks and delights.

Sun, 11 June    The Language of Intimacy

Sun, 18 June    The Delights of Intimacy

Sun, 25 June    The Flame of Intimacy

Sun, 2 July       The Longing for Intimacy

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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