The King’s Heart

Posted: 09 July 2018

At the heart of the Bible is the story of the heart of God for his hard-hearted people. Join us as we explore the book of 1 Samuel and what God is teaching us about his heart and ours. Starts Sunday, 22 July.

A heart that hears our cries
1 Samuel 1-2

A heart that speaks to our needs
1 Samuel 2-3

A heart that can’t be tamed
1 Samuel 4-7

A heart that cheats on God
1 Samuel 8

A heart that takes the easy road
1 Samuel 9-15

A heart that chooses the underdog
1 Samuel 16

A heart that fights for you
1 Samuel 17

A heart that takes the hard road
1 Samuel 18-26

A heart that weeps at tragedy
1 Samuel 27-31

A heart that is faithful to a friend
1 Samuel 20

Author: Meg Chatterton / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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