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Posted: 17 February 2017

This week we are continuing our new series on Jesus' last night with his disciples in John 13-17. This is a section of the Bible which is relevant for everyone:

  • For people exploring Christianity, it offers us evidence for who Jesus is, so that you might not make a leap in the dark but take a step into the light;
  • For new Christians, Jesus teaches us some very helpful things about living the Christian life, who the Holy Spirit is, and what we should expect going through life as a Christian; and
  • For older Christians, it shows us how to be close to Jesus.

This week we are looking at Jesus responding to the overconfidence, doubts and longings of three of his disciples in John 13-14.

If you’re a woman, Ignite is on tonight. Esther Neate is speaking and it will be a great time of stories, conversations, hearing from God’s word, brainstorming, and fanning the flames He has ignited within us. 7pm in the hall, bring $10 for a healthy catered dinner.

If you’re a man, Man Camp is on next weekend. It’s not about hunting, farting and being a blokey bloke, but about building a community of men who take Jesus seriously and look out for each other. Register now.

If you’re part of our community, don't forget the church Weekend Away is coming up on 24 March and the early bird rate finishes on 26 February. It’s going to be a great time building community together in an amazing location. Register here.

Can’t wait to see you at church this Sunday or at one of the wonderful events we’ve got lined up.

Yours in Christ,


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