Vision Sunday

Posted: 03 February 2017

This Sunday is VISION SUNDAY! It’s a chance to hear where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a church.

Last year, I shared how I felt compelled by God to spend the year with a focus on devotion— to God and to one another. In an individualistic and consumerist culture, devotion is a virtue that we especially need to cultivate.

In 2017 I’ve chosen a theme for the year, which I pray would likewise shape our life as a community together. I’m really looking forward to sharing this vision on Sunday with you, and to interview a few of our brothers and sisters as they share how God has called them to take up this theme for their lives. There's also going to be a BBQ lunch and dinner after each of our gatherings to encourage us to enjoy fellowship together.

Can’t wait to see you this Sunday, and share my heart for Jesus’ church.

Toby Neal

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