Hope as a Name

3 December, 2023
 - 31 December, 2023

Each year we retell the Christmas story, more than 2000 years old, against a backdrop of human misery and human atrocities. The Christmas story disrupts the “you’ve got this” optimisim, and unsettles even the most seasoned of cynics. Instead, it tell us: “Things really are this dark, we can’t save ourselves —yet, there is hope: and his name is Jesus!”

We invite you to join us this Christmas, as we seek and celebrate the hope that dawned with the birth of Jesus Christ.

Hope for the world
Sunday, 3 December
9.15am, 11am + 4.30pm

Hope has a name
Sunday, 10 December
9.15am, 11am + 4.30pm

Hope for the searching
Sunday, 17 December
9.15am, 11am + 4.30pm

Hope for something better
Sunday, 24 December
10am + 8pm (Christmas Eve)

Hope for the fearful
Monday, 25 December
9.30am (Christmas Day)

Hope for tomorrow
Sunday, 31 January
10am (New Years Eve)

More info about Christmas Services here: vinechurch.com.au/Christmas

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