Life in 8K

7 January, 2024
 - 3 March, 2024

Each year at Vine Church we like to kick off the year with a series of bible talks that look at the life of Jesus with the specific purpose of exploring the relevance of his teaching for our lives.

This year we’re picking up where we left off last summer, looking at chapters 12-14 of the gospel of Matthew. In this section we see the mixed responses to Jesus’ teaching, with many dismissing the things Jesus said as outdated, offensive or outrageous.

Whether you’re a regular here at Vine or you’re new to church, ‘Life in 8K’ is an invitation for you to see the timeless guidance and vivid clarity Jesus’ teaching gives us to navigate our everyday.

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One less time to meet, just two Sunday services this week!

There is no 9:15am service on Sunday, March 24, 2024, due to the 9.15am Weekend Away.