Annual General Meeting

Looking forward together

Our Annual General Meeting is a time to review resources God has entrusted to us, give thanks for his work among us and look forward to what he has called us to do in the future.

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What is a church AGM?

The AGM is important for us as a church because it is the way we take responsibility for the governance, administration and representation of our church. 

We want our Annual General Meeting to accomplish a few things:

  • We want to celebrate together what God is doing amongst us. 
  • We want our church to be informed.
  • We want our church to feel heard.
  • We want to look forward together, with the knowledge that God is good and He is always faithful. 

At the meeting will elect members to four roles: Parish Council, Wardens, Nominators and Synod Representatives. We’re thankful to those that have served our church throughout the past year. 

Our 2024 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for: Monday, 25 March at 7pm

Governance Roles at Church

Parish Council

This is the broader governing body of our church – the elected representatives are joined by the wardens and lead pastor.


We elect two wardens who manage the finances and property of the church. A third warden can be chosen by the lead pastor.


In the event that we no longer our have a lead pastor, the nominators form a team and work with the diocese to find a replacement. Nominators are rarely called on, but it is a important role should we need it.

Synod Rep

Representatives from all the Anglican churches in Sydney gather annually to decide on the future and running of the diocese. Each church sends two people and the lead pastor to vote. 

Who can vote?

You can vote if

  •  Vine Church is your home church
  • You have attended for 3 months of the last 12 months
  • You have been baptised
  • You are over 18
  • You declare yourself to be a member of the Anglican Church of Australia

How can I nominate at the AGM?

We’re now in the period of nominations for these roles. If you would like to nominate someone, please contact one of our Pastors or the Chairman of Parish Council (Tim Gardiner) to gauge their suitability. 

If you have already done this, click here for the official nomination form. Please make sure that your nomination is completed by 7 days prior to the AGM.  People who are nominated will be sent the Parish Officers Declaration Form & Vine Church Leadership Expectations document. 

Affiliation and governance

Vine Church started in 2011 as a new Anglican church in the city helping people who wouldn’t normally go to church understand the relevance of Jesus to their lives. In August 2015 our Lead Pastor, Toby Neal, was invited to become the Lead Pastor of St Michael’s Anglican Church, the oldest church in Surry Hills. Toby accepted this position because he could see the enormous opportunities of bringing together all the people and resources of both churches under one mission to reach the city.

The financial management of Vine Church is overseen by Wardens and a Parish Council. These groups are chaired by the Lead Pastor (Toby Neal), and made up of two wardens and three parish councillors. These groups ensure the property and finances of the church are well managed and that any governance matters are dealt with in an ethical way. Members of the church are invited and should get in contact with one of the wardens if they would like to discuss any matters pertaining to the governance of the church.

The spiritual leadership of Vine Church is conducted by three groups: staff, ministry team leaders and community group leaders. Both these groups meet regularly during the year to plan how we will achieve our mission and care for those in our church. These groups are a mix of men and women who love Jesus and committed to the vision of Vine Church.

Our Governance Team

We’re thankful to those that have serve our church throughout the year in these roles. 

Stu Larkin

Parish Council + Warden

Tim Gardner

Parish Council + Warden

Scott Sanders

Parish Council + Warden

Esther Neate


Scott Sanders


Kathy Stewart


Tim Gardiner


Dave Ehrhardt-Smith



Scott Sanders

Synod Representative

Michael Neate

Synod Representative

Join us for our Annual General Meeting

Monday, 25 March 2024
7pm at Vine Church
200 Albion Street, Surry Hills

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