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And so another year begins

Posted: 30 December 2016

And so, church, another year begins! Once again, we want to thank you all for making 2016 such an incredible year, and a special shout out to all who helped pull off a great Christmas series. We hope you are enjoying some well-earned rest and spent Christmas time reflecting on the glorious hope that we have in Jesus.

As we set out on the adventure that...

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Searching for more

Posted: 29 December 2016

G.K. Chesterton famously said, “Every man who knocks on the door to a brothel is really looking for God.”

Serious? Yep! He’s making the point that within us all there’s an insatiable search for something more. Join us over summer as we consider Jesus’ answers to our deepest longings.

In search of meaning
Sunday, 8 January

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5 questions to ask of 2016

Posted: 28 December 2016

Just recently as a staff team, we took stock of what has been a busy and exciting year. Someone described the year as like being on a rollercoaster. Only the whole year was like the drop as we held on to the safety bar for dear life.

As we looked back on the year we could see the way that God had been working through each of the team members and in our...

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A hope that establishes justice

Posted: 16 December 2016

Earlier this year I watched the HBO documentary, The Jinx. It tells the story of Robert Durst — a man who has either gotten away with three murders, or someone who is strangely jinxed, because people around him keep getting killed. At one point in the doco, just after Durst has been acquitted, an investigator turns to the camera and says, "As a homicide...

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A hope that restores peace

Posted: 09 December 2016

It’s summer and we’re having a great time at church this month!

We’ve had one Christmas Party, and have the Kids Christmas Party coming up soon.

We’ve shared the joy of seeing people baptised, and we’ve been comforted by the news that light has pierced the darkness with the coming of Christ.

And this week we’ve got more in store.

Joel Hollier is...

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A hope that pierces the darkness

Posted: 02 December 2016

This Sunday we’re starting our Christmas series called A Thrill of Hope.

Human beings cannot live without hope. I do not mean wishful thinking, I mean absolute certainty about the future.

Hope is the way we overcome the lurking suspicion that all our getting and spending amounts to nothing more than fidgeting while we wait for death.

Are your moments...

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4.30pm services at St Michael’s

Posted: 02 December 2016

A reminder that starting this week and for all of December and January, we're moving our 4.30 service to St Michael's. We're doing this for 3 reasons:

  1. to make setup and packup easier while people are away
  2. to make the most of the opportunity that people are more likely to come to a traditional church over Christmas
  3. to enjoy the Christmassy vibe...
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5 ideas for embracing Advent

Posted: 30 November 2016

Translated from the Latin meaning ‘coming’, Advent is the period in the lead-up to Christmas where Christians reflect on and look towards the coming of Christ. Here are some simple ways to connect with the true meaning of Christmas and to enjoy this season in light of Christ.

1. Christmas Cheer

Gather people together for a Christmas meal or drinks....

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At the heart of God

Posted: 18 November 2016

Somebody asked me once, 'If what you think about God is wrong, would you want to know?' My answer was 'Yes, of course!' I said this because how we understand God radically shapes how we relate to him. Isaiah 1 throws us into a tumultuous period in Israel's history as God reveals himself to be the surprising pursuer of people's hearts. In this rich chapter,...

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Author: Joel Hollier / Categories: News, Sermon Series

A thrill of hope

Posted: 17 November 2016

In a world where hope is elusive and uncertainty abounds, the story of Christmas promises peace on earth, justice for the oppressed and comfort to the afflicted.

2,000 years ago, the universe watched on as a baby was born – he was God become man to rescue our broken world. This Christmas, join us as we discover the hope that dawned with the birth of Jesus...

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Author: Meg Chatterton / Categories: Events, News, Sermon Series
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