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Book review: Guidance and the Voice of God

Posted: 29 August 2016

Our lives are full of decisions. Who should I marry? What job should I take? What should I study? Where should I live? Should I ask someone out? Is it the right time to try to have children? Where should I give my money? Should I go to an overseas mission field? What should I do next?

These are just some of the decisions that each of us are facing right...

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Oxygen Conference

Posted: 10 August 2014

Oxygen opportunity for church leaders to take 4 days out to breath in the goodness of God. This could not have come at a better time for Jules and I as last Monday, having dropped the kids off in Berry for 4 days, we walked out of our place into our local cafe (Salt), picked up our FW and XFW, and walked another 2 mins to Australian...

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Resources for sharing your faith

Posted: 13 February 2014

We all find it hard to make the most of opportunities to share our faith. Here are some helpful resources to get better at sharing Jesus with our friends and family. Below our MTS Apprentice Mike Wziontek walks us through three books which will help you share your faith with others.

Out of the Saltshaker and into the World by Rebecca Manley Pippert


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Gospel Farmers: ‘Scandalous’ by D.A. Carson

Posted: 19 March 2013

There are not many books by ‘the Don’ that one would not place as MUST READING for all, and his book ‘Scandelous: the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus’ is no exception. Taken from a sermon series he delievered at Mars Hills Church, Seattle in 2009 (click here for audio/video of series), Don Carson looks at two events that happened on one weekend, a little...

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Learning from Gospel Farmers

Posted: 06 March 2013 / Colossians

5 Christian books in 5 weeks.

As we have been making our way through our Jesus + Nothing = Everything series in Colossians, we have been called to see the importance of maturity as a Christian and placing ourselves in good soil, under 'good farmers, drinking in nutrients, pulling out weeds, and seeing fruit grow. One of the blessings we have been given by...

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