2018 Annual General Meeting

Posted: 01 February 2018

Coming up on the evening of Wednesday 21 February (6.30-9pm) is the Vine Church Annual General Meeting. It's a fun and important night when we give thanks for the ministry that has been happening at church and how God has provided for our financial needs.

On the night will elect:

  • 3 wardens, and
  • 0, 3, 6, or 9 parish councillors, and
  • 1 synod representative.

Wardens, parish councillors, and synod representatives play an important role in the mission of our church by ensuring that our church is effectively administered, governed and represented.

This year we are seeking new members to join the parish council as some of the existing members are withdrawing from the role. If you are interested in nominating a person, or you would like to offer yourself for this ministry, please have read of this document and speak to me. Once you have done so, you must make your nomination online two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting here.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the existing parish council for their labour of love in 2017.


  • Alexis Linton (2016 – )
  • Pauline Oh (2016 – )
  • Noel Nallaiah (2017 – )

Parish councillors

  • Tom Schell (2017 – )
  • Justin Yoon (2013 – )
  • Pei-Li Guan (2016 – )
  • Mario Chan (2016 – )
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