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Posted: 21 October 2014

In the past couple of months a few people have come to me wanting to give a portion of their annual bonus, tax refund, inheritance or redundancy package toward a specific project at Vine Church. Here are three I’ve let them know about:

Female City Pastor
First is Steph Toose joining our team as Female City Pastor. She starts in December this year with a focus on training women to lead and disciple other women in the city. Since we're a startup church we've had to employ staff before we can afford them. This was true for myself when we started in 2011 with just 16 people, and was also true when James Stinson came on board at the beginning of 2013. What that means is we seek to raise 2-3 years of the cost to employ a staff member before they begin. It’s going to cost church $55,000 next year to employ Steph, and we have already raised $40,000 from 3 donors. By investing in this project you’ll help grow and train women at Vine Church.

New Venue
Secondly, next year we are facing the critical issue of finding a venue for a morning service. We’ve had difficulty booking the school, and there’s also doubt about whether they’ll renew our afternoon booking. We’re currently looking at other options, but these will push the venue costs from $15,000/year to $80,000/year or more. For that reason, we’re trying to raise some money beforehand to cover the increased cost. By investing in this project you'll help start a morning service which is critical to reaching a broader demographic in the city.

Thirdly, we’re reaching more and more people each year through Open Forums, Christianity Explored, and Gospel in Life courses. Open Forums answer people’s objections to the Christian faith through a Q&A discussion at a local pub. Christianity Explored helps people explore who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. And Gospel in Life helps people understand more deeply the difference Jesus makes in our lives. This year it’s cost us $2,000 to provide Bibles, resources and food for these courses. Next year that’ll grow as more people get involved. By investing in this project you'll help people overcome their objections to faith and start trusting Jesus.

If you’d like to give to any three of these initiatives you can do so by making a bank transfer to Vine Church with the name of the project in the reference field.

      Bank: Glebe Income Account
      BSB: 704 998
      ACC: 100 010 094
      Reference: [Project name]

For the cause of Christ’s name in this city,


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