5 questions to ask of 2016

Posted: 28 December 2016

Just recently as a staff team, we took stock of what has been a busy and exciting year. Someone described the year as like being on a rollercoaster. Only the whole year was like the drop as we held on to the safety bar for dear life.

As we looked back on the year we could see the way that God had been working through each of the team members and in our people in so many ways. It was encouraging to see that we had grown in our love of God and in our love of each other. As we were doing this we reflected on how we had grown personally this year. We looked back at the areas where we had not grown in the way that we had hoped. Then we looked forward to the year to come, to think about what we would like to achieve personally in our walk with Jesus.

As the year ends, take some time to have a look back at your year and forward to next year. Here are 5 questions to help you as you reflect:

  1. In what areas have I grown in my faith this year?
  2. Who has helped me to do that?
  3. In what areas have I not grown this year?
  4. What are the three areas that I want to grow in next year?
  5. How am I going to ensure that I hit those growth goals?
Author: Andy Bryan / Categories: Reflection



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