A heart that chooses the underdog

Posted: 24 August 2018

This Sunday we're excited to have Al Stewart, a gifted preacher and friend of Vine Church, speaking on the kind of leadership God chooses to lead his people from 1 Samuel 16. As we think of the possibly (or reality depending on the time you read this) of a change in national leadership, this sermon is set to be very relevant as we consider the values and virtues of God's chosen one.

Also, don't forget that our quarterly Prayer and Praise night is coming up next Wednesday night. It's an important time to come to God in prayer for our nation, our city and our workplaces.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Toby Neal

P.S. Simeon and I are starting Christianity Explored this Thursday night. If you have a friend who is exploring Christianity or you yourself would benefit from getting back to the basics, you can let us know here.

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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