A hope that restores peace

Posted: 09 December 2016

It’s summer and we’re having a great time at church this month!

We’ve had one Christmas Party, and have the Kids Christmas Party coming up soon.

We’ve shared the joy of seeing people baptised, and we’ve been comforted by the news that light has pierced the darkness with the coming of Christ.

And this week we’ve got more in store.

Joel Hollier is preaching on Isaiah 11, and how Jesus is the only one who can restore peace to our restless world.

Also this week we’re holding our second ever Wimblepong Tournament after both 10am and 4.30pm church. Come ready to pick up a ping-pong paddle and get your pong on. Bring $5 for Mexican lunch/dinner.

Looking forward to sharing in fellowship with you on Sunday.

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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