Annual General Meeting 2022

Posted: 15 February 2022

Vine Church AGM

Sunday 27 March, 2pm
at The Whitehouse Institute of Design

Why is the AGM important?

The AGM is important for us as a church because it is the way we take responsibility for the governance, administration and representation of our church. At the meeting will elect members to four roles: Parish Council, Wardens, Nominators and Synod Representatives. We're thankful to those that have served our church throughout 2021. 

Parish Council

This is the broader governing body of our church – the elected representatives are joined by the wardens and lead pastor.

To read more about the role and responsibilities of the parish council, click here.

Our 2021 Parish Council members were Tom Schell, Stuart Larkin and Nick Janes.


We elect two wardens who manage the finances and property of the church. A third warden can be chosen by the lead pastor.

To read more about the role and responsibilities of the warden, click here.

Our 2021 Wardens were Scott Sanders, Deborah Apriani and Tim Gardiner


In the event that Toby Neal was no longer our lead pastor, the nominators would form a team to work with the diocese to find a replacement. Nominators are rarely called on, but this is a hugely important role should our church situation change.

To read more about the role and responsibilities of the nominators, click here.

Our 2021 Nominators were Esther Neate, Aiko Abbas, Bronwyn Zucker, Scott Sanders and Kathy Stewart 

Synod Representatives

Each year representatives from all the Anglican churches in Sydney gather together and vote and decide on the future of the church. They appoint people to school boards and other organisations and contribute to how the diocese runs. Each church sends two people and the lead pastor to vote. This year Synod will be important as Sydney will elect a new archbishop.

To read more about the role and responsibilities of the synod representatives, click here.

Our 2021 Synod Representatives were Aiko Abbas and Scott Sanders 

Who can vote at an AGM?

You can vote if
— Vine Church is your home church
— You have attended for 3 months of the last 12 months
— You have been baptised
— You are over 18
— You declare yourself to be a member of the Anglican Church of Australia

How can I nominate at the AGM?

We’re now in the period of nominations for these roles. If you would like to nominate someone, please contact one of our Pastors or the Chairman of Parish Council (Tim Gardiner) to gauge their suitability. 

If you have already done this, click here for the official nomination form. Please make sure that your nomination is completed by Monday, 21 March. People who are nominated will be sent the Parish Officers Declaration Form & Vine Church Leadership Expectations document. 

Please pray for our church and thank God for His work through all those elected last year and ask Him to continue to provide good governence by godly men and women.

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