Anxiety Seminar with Lindy Hadges

Posted: 20 December 2019

We live in an increasingly anxious world, and Christians are not immune from mental health struggles. 


Join us in January for our two part anxiety seminar with Lindy Hadges. Lindy is a counsellor with years of experience helping people through struggles with mental health and anxiety. She is a Christian, but her practical strategies and tips will be helpful for everyone. If you struggle with anxiety or would like to support those that do, we'd love to have you along. 


Part 1 – Tuesday, 14 January (7pm)

Part 2 – Tuesday, 21 January (7pm) 


Lindy shared part 1 with our church in July and it was so popular that we have asked her to come back! If you attended the seminar in July, you are welcome both weeks but may just want to attend week two. There is no need to register.

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