At the heart of God

Posted: 18 November 2016

Somebody asked me once, 'If what you think about God is wrong, would you want to know?' My answer was 'Yes, of course!' I said this because how we understand God radically shapes how we relate to him. Isaiah 1 throws us into a tumultuous period in Israel's history as God reveals himself to be the surprising pursuer of people's hearts. In this rich chapter, we discover that God is a father, a spurned deity, a judge and a redeemer. Join us this week as seek to get to what is at the heart of God.

P.S. We've been so encouraged by the pledges that have already come in since Commitment Day. This Sunday is the last day that you can make a pledge to the work of God in Surry Hills and beyond for 2017. You can do this by filling out a commitment card and placing it in the containers at church, or here.

Author: Joel Hollier / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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