Basic Series

Posted: 01 June 2015


Who is God? How do I relate to him? What does it mean to live as a Christian?

Basic is a seven week course which looks at the basics of the Christian life for those exploring what it means to follow Jesus. It is best suited to those who have recently completed Christianity Explored or anyone else new to Christianity. We spend three weeks looking at the basics of who God is—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and then four weeks exploring the basics of living as a Christian—fellowship, teaching, prayer and communion. 

This year we are beginning Basic on the following dates. Please let us know if none of these times work for you.

  • Tuesday, 2 February (7-9pm)
  • Tuesday, 26 April (7-9pm)
  • Tuesday, 19 July (7-9pm)
  • Tuesday, 11 October (7-9pm)

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