Christmas Series: This God

Posted: 22 November 2013

Join us this December as we look the story of our God backwards — starting with his death and finishing with his birth — in order that we might understand his life and the meaning of our own.

Sunday 1,        This God could let himself hang on a tree:
December        Jesus' passion

Sunday 8,        This God could enjoy a woman of questionable
December        character washing his feet: Jesus' forgiveness

Sunday 15,      This God could befriend a bloke in a tree
December        with small man syndrome: Jesus' mission

Sunday 22,      This God could be born under the tyrants
December        Augustus and Herod: Jesus' politics

Tuesday 24,     This God could put on eyebrows and kneecaps,
December        tear ducts and saliva glands: Jesus' humility

The series is based on a poem by Mark Strom you can read here.

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