Christmas Services

Posted: 22 December 2018

Part of the Christmas tradition involves getting the family together. You might not have family around, but we'd love to have you part of our church family this weekend.

On Sunday we've got an amazing service lined up. I am speaking about how Christmas involves waiting: we live between the first Christmas and the second Christmas. We have peace in our hearts but long for Jesus to come and make peace on earth.

Then on Christmas Eve (Monday) we have two special services.

- At 5pm, we have a massive family Christmas service. There will be interactive talks, carols and a BBQ dinner afterwards.

- At 9pm, we have a candlelight service with carols plus wine and cheese before the service.

Then on Christmas Day (Tuesday), we are meeting at 9.30am for a brief but joyful Christmas Day service.

I will be giving a two part message over Christmas Eve (9pm only) and Christmas Day on the story and song of Mary from Luke's gospel. It's a beautiful passage and very practical.

Why not invite a friend, neighbour, family member or work colleague to come share this experience with you?

Yours in Christ,


Author: Toby Neal / Categories: Events, News, Sermon Series



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