Decision regarding St Michael’s

Posted: 26 July 2015

Over the past couple of months I've been speaking with the members of Vine Church about the opportunity I have been offered to bring together the two Anglican churches in Surry Hills (Vine Church and St Michael's) under one mission.

I want to sincerely thank those of you who have prayed, asked questions, given advice, and sent messages during this period—especially those who encouraged me to take time to consider the decision from all possible angles.

During the past two months, it has become increasingly clear that this opportunity will significantly help our mission, and St Michael's, to make thousands of disciples across the city. It is for this reason that I have accepted the position as Rector of St Michael's. In doing so, I am committing to bring together the people and resources of both churches to more effectively reach our city with the life giving news of Jesus. You can read my letter of acceptance here.

Please gather for church this afternoon to hear how you can be involved, and join with me in praying that our great God would grant the leadership team and I wisdom for this next chapter in the story of Vine Church.

For the fame of Christ,

Toby Neal

P.S. The induction service will be held at 7pm on Wednesday, August 5 at St Michael's (Cnr Flinders and Albion Street). All are welcome. It will be a formal service, and awkwardly I'll be dressed in what my daughter calls "that wedding dress." I've come to realise that these ceremonial aspects in the Anglican church, are rites of passage, which are not dissimilar from the formalities we expect of a wedding or a graduation service.

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