Extravagant (New Series)

Posted: 10 October 2014 / Luke 15

One reason we live as though God is irrelevant is because our image of him is dull and grey. And yet when Jesus teaches about God it’s full of colour and drama.

Come join us this October as we look at Jesus’ famous story about the extravagant love of God in Luke 15.

Extravagant love for you – Vine Church 3rd Birthday
Sunday 12 October (Luke 15:1–12)

Extravagant love for people who are running away
Sunday 19 October (Luke 15:11–13)

Extravagant love for people who’ve messed up
Sunday 26 October (Luke 15:14–20)

Extravagant love for people doing just fine
Sunday 2 November (Luke 15:25–32)

Extravagant love that cost God everything
Sunday 9 November (Luke 15)

Extravagant love that will throw you a party
Sunday 16 November (Luke 15:20–24, 31–32)

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