Gospel Farmers: ‘Scandalous’ by D.A. Carson

Posted: 19 March 2013

There are not many books by ‘the Don’ that one would not place as MUST READING for all, and his book ‘Scandelous: the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus’ is no exception. Taken from a sermon series he delievered at Mars Hills Church, Seattle in 2009 (click here for audio/video of series), Don Carson looks at two events that happened on one weekend, a little less than 2000yrs ago – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What makes this book so unique, is the way Carson expresses the powerful events of death and resurrection of Jesus, with the different perspectives/angles that the bible provides. Take for instance the cross…Carson presents the cross of Christ through the themes of irony (in Matthew’s Gospel), sacrifice (in Romans), and triumph (in Revelation). The viewing of the events through these different lenses, helps the reader to grasp (then feel overwhelmed by) the importance and power of these two historical events.

I personally loved chapter 3 'The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb', where Carson takes the reader into Revelation 12 (a passage that for many seems inaccessible), and helpfully shows us the riches and simplicity of the bible. His work on the letter of Revelation is just amazing! I also loved the few poems from Carson that slip their way in, which seems a lost art to me. This book is helpful for any Christian, whether seasoned or fresh. It is meating enough to sit and ponder on, but accessible and practical enough for one to be deeply encouraged. The Don is a unique gift from God for us, and a precious farmer who seeks to plant God’s word in peoples lives.

“But the apostles know, and the readers know, and God knowes, that there is a deeper irony: it is precisely by staying on the cross in abject powerlessness that Jesus establishes himself as the temple and comes to the resurrection in fullness of power.” (pp.24)

Pages: 173
Binding: Softcover
Release Date : Feb 1, 2010
Publisher: Crossway Books/Good News
Price: $15.09 The Book Depository

Author: James / Categories: Reviews



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