Got Questions?

Posted: 10 February 2021

What is your one question for God?

We’re a church that wants to engage with our local community and explore the life, love and freedom found in Jesus Christ with you.

We want to start a conversation by hearing your questions. There are no silly or wrong questions. We are genuinely interested in what big questions you would like to find answers to. So, If you could ask any question to God what would it be?

The top responses from this survey will be addressed over the two Sundays in the lead up to Easter (21st & 28th March).

Click the button below to share your questions with us. You can remain anonymous or share your contact details if you would like to be informed of the results of this survey.

Join us at one of our Sunday services 915am*, 11am and 430pm
*This service has a super fun kids program kids, including; creche, preschool, primary aged K-year 6 and youth!

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