Help us create a playground for kids

Posted: 26 February 2016

Over the last couple of weeks a bunch of amazing volunteers have been working hard to create a playground at St Michael’s to help reach local families via a Playgroup starting in March. We need your help to make it great!

1. You can volunteer some time to help build, paint, create the space. Let us know here.

2. You can give to provide one of a number of exciting resources to the project:

      $39        Balance Bike
      $50        Cars + Trucks
      $90        Dress Up Set
      $16        Balls
      $330      Play Gym + Cubby
      $170      Construction
      $30/m2  Astro Turf (60m2 to lay)
      $200      Plants

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Author: Toby Neal / Categories: Events, News, Community



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