How Can One Religion Be “Right” and the Others “Wrong”?

Posted: 13 October 2015

In our world today, the notion of an absolute truth seems at best naïve and at worst offensive. For most people, religious belief is a matter of personal choice. Who is to say that their religion is right and other's are wrong?

Join us this Thursday night as we discuss this question at our next Open Forum.

These nights are for anyone wanting to discuss objections to the Christian faith in an open forum over drinks in a local pub. Each forum begins with a 15 min talk, which is followed by an extended Q&A dialogue.

      Thursday 15 October — 7.30pm
      Light bar food will be provided
      The Local Taphouse (Level 1)
      The Louvre Room, 122 Flinders St, Darlinghurst

We'd love to see you there whether you are an Atheist an Agnostic or an Anglican and feel free to bring anyone you think might be interested.

Author: Mike Wziontek / Categories: Events, News



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