It’s time to see your blindness

Posted: 22 February 2019

This Sunday at Vine Church we are looking at the two-stage healing the blind man in Mark 8 which is sandwiched between two stories where the disciples of Jesus prove themselves to be utterly and spiritually blind.

Helen Keller—the most famous blind woman ever to live—described what it is like to live with blindness:

It is to live long, long days, and life is made up of days. It is to live immured, baffled, impotent, all God's world shut out. It is to sit helpless, defrauded, while your spirit strains and tugs at its fetters, and your shoulders ache. . . (Helen Keller)

In Mark 8, Jesus uses physical blindness as a picture of what we are often like spiritually.

Have you ever felt spiritually what Helen Keller describes physically? That you are closed off from knowing the will and purpose of God? Come and look at Jesus cure to spiritual blindness this Sunday.

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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