Jesus Moves Out: Community Group Study Helpers

Posted: 14 February 2014

As we embark on our studies of Mark's Gospel, each Friday we will upload a brief 'Study Helper' to provide our Community Group leaders with a couple of tips for leading others through Mark's Gospel. As you use these tips, there are a few assumptions you need to understand...

  • Each person in Community Group will come to the study 'filled' with a knowledge of the text. This is why we have everyone making their way personally through the Matthias Media study guide before Community Group, and why our preaching series for Sunday's will generally follow (but not exactly) what we will look at on our Community Group nights. Everyone is called to come filled from personal study and through Sunday's sermon.
  • Each person in Community Group will come to some studies 'empty' without a knowledge of the text. They will either forget to do the study or wont be there on Sunday. Community Group may be the first time they have come into Vine Church. 

So knowing that, lets get into it... Mark 1:16-3:35 - JESUS MOVES OUT.

First, a summary of the passage is JESUS MOVES OUTJESUS is 5 stories from 1:16-45 that are all about Jesus' ministry of preaching and healing. These stories beg the question of why did Jesus come, and what will this coming King do. MOVES is 5 stories of Jesus' opposition with the teachers of the law from 2:1-3:6. These stories move us to see that the King comes for our hearts, and not only our hands. OUT is 3 final stories providing a summary to what has come before as we see the King establishing his reign. So the passage contains 3 sections, in which each section has a single story or two that drives the main point home (1:29-39 & 3:1-6 & 3:20-35)

Q1 -What are the TRUTHS we are called to LOVE

A1 - Within each of the three sections we see three grand truths (not the only truths) that we are called to love. JESUS is that our King Jesus comes for our eternal needs through the primacy of his preaching, not primarily our earthly needs of external healing. MOVES is that our King cares about his people and their hearts, not in just whether or not they look religious. OUT is that following the King calls us to a new family and a new purpose.

Q2 - What HINDERS us from believing these truths, and what LIES take us captive

A2 - JESUS is that our immediate needs feel more tangible and urgent, and we fail to have faith without sight. MOVES is that many of us would prefer to wear a mask because disclosure to our King of our frailty and weakness leaves us vulnerable. OUT is that we hate risk and places that feel insecure, and fail to see that Jesus brings ultimate security.

Next Step is to PRAY, using the Good News of Jesus as our prayer and motivation for change

Q3 - What will a Gospel-Driven life look like if we LOVE the TRUTH

A3 - JESUS may be that learn how to share the message of Christ through our witness to His work in our lives. MOVES may be that we spend focused time on praying for one another before we serve others on Sunday, that we/they may care about God and his people more than just the role. OUT may be that we think over and change the time we spend with family and examine how we prioritized them over others.


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