Loaded Questions

Posted: 22 May 2020

Drugs, politics, pornography, domestic abuse, and euthanasia are just some of the complex issues Christians face today. They raise questions that become heavy with our own life experiences and today's cultural expectations.

Join us as we bring these loaded questions to the Bible and seek to engage where people are at with insight, passion, and faith

Drugs & Alcohol: Is there anything wrong with getting drunk and high?
Sunday, 7 June 2020  
Dave Jensen, Former Captain in the Australian Infantry and Pastor at EV Church

Public Faith: Should Christians impose their morality on society?
Sunday, 14 June 2020 
Michael Kellahan, Director of Freedom for Faith

Pornography: Is it healthy and how do I stop?
Sunday, 21 June 2020 
Al Stewart, National Director of Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
Alice Taylor, Author of Restored: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Pornography

Domestic Abuse: How do we guard against abuse in our own marriages or our community?
Sunday, 28 June 2020 
Keith and Sarah Condie, Founding Directors of the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute at Anglican Deaconess Ministries

Euthanasia: What is a good way to die?
Sunday, 5 July 2020  Speakers
Toby Neal, Lead Pastor of Vine Church
Megan Best, Palliative care doctor, medical ethicist and researcher with the Psycho-Oncology Co-operative Research Group (USyd)


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