Murdering your conscience

Posted: 07 March 2014

Pablo Picasso, Salome (1905)

This Sunday we are looking at one of those scenes in Gospel of Mark that would fit perfectly into an HBO TV series: the beheading of John the Baptist.

In the sketch by Pablo Picasso's above you will see the characters in this story (Mark 6):

    — the weak-hearted King,
    — the murderous Queen,
    — the naked daughter,
    — and the head of the greatest prophet who ever lived.

But lest we think this story is mere entertainment, be warned because it carries with it a strong warning not to neglect your conscience.

Come along this Sunday to hear what God is teaching us in this story.

Also this Sunday is the launch of the new Vine Kids. It's going to be a fun service, so why not invite a family along. Find out more here.

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