Rethinking the “20 minute” comment

Posted: 17 November 2014

Last night I made the comment that if you live more than 20 minutes away then you're going to find it difficult to be in community at Vine Church which will affect your ability to grow as a Christian.

There is something true about that, however it came across a bit simplistic and I'm sorry for that.

A number of people came up to me afterwards and challenged my thinking. One person suggested that it isn't the proximity to the Sunday service, but the proximity to your community group that really matters. I think that is better way of seeing it than what I said last night. That proximity may be from home or from work.

I guess that's the reason we've just started a group in Petersham and another in Maroubra. I also had a conversation last night with Rob, Sean and Nic about whether they should start a group north of the bridge at some point in the future.

The point is—and this wasn't as clear as it should have been last night—that we need to saturate Sydney with communities that meet around God's word, over meals for prayer, study, confession of sins, the giving and receiving of advice and practical support. If you're not in one of those, you're really short-changing yourself.

Our mission is to see thousands of people across Sydney in Community Groups experiencing real spiritual growth. And perhaps our Sunday service is the time when we all come together from our various places to celebrate what God is doing all over the city and to remind ourselves that there are still many lost sons and daughters who need to be welcomed home.

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: News, Community



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