Sarah’s Weekend Away thoughts

Posted: 01 April 2017

With something like 160 of us, there were plenty of both old and new faces as Viners gathered at Collaroy for our annual Weekend Away. The stunning coastal setting was the perfect scene to be reminded of the immensity of our God as Joel Hollier led us on a journey into Hebrews in three parts.

First, we were challenged to expand our perception of how big Jesus is with seven statements from Hebrews 1. My personal top three: He is the heir of all things, the One through whom the universe was made and the radiance of God's glory – like rays of the sun.

The second session took a practical turn as we were encouraged to irritate each other – not like young siblings, but to stir up one another to good works (Hebrews 10:24). At the start of each session we were privileged to hear the first-hand experiences of Dave Erhardt-Smith, Naomi Tosic and Becky Cox as well as some of Joel's own transformative journey following Christ through challenges and triumphs. 

In Sunday morning's final session, we were challenged to consider where our eyes are fixed. When we look to the world we easily feel overwhelmed, but when we fix our eyes on Jesus, it's a very different story. We were invited to list the godly people who have pointed our eyes to fix on Jesus – our cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) – and to consider the honour we have as one of these witnesses in pointing those around us to Jesus. With this comes responsibility; if we take our eyes off Jesus, we stop being a witness to those around us. 

Joel's teaching from Hebrews was an encouragement to the entire church of the vital role we all play in each other's lives. By keeping our individual gaze fixed on Jesus we can irritate each other to pursue good works and glorify our amazing Jesus who upholds the entire universe by the word of his power.

by Sarah Gray

Author: Meg Chatterton / Categories: Events, Reflection



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