Seduced by Desire

Posted: 05 June 2015 / Numbers

This Sunday we are launching a new series on the surprisingly relevant Old Testament book, Numbers. It’s a book which confronts us with our tendency to be lured by temptations as we travel through life.

Here's the series breakdown:

        Sun 7,         Seduced by Hunger
        June            Numbers 11

        Sun 14,       Seduced by Envy
        June            Numbers 12

        Sun 21,       Seduced by Fear
        June            Numbers 13–14

        Sun 28,       Seduced by Impatience
        June            Numbers 21

        Sun 5,         Seduced by Greed
        July             Numbers 22–24

        Sun 12,       Seduced by Sex
        July             Numbers 25

I'm looking forward to journeying our way through this book together.

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