Surry Hills Festival

Posted: 07 October 2012 / Galatians 2:10

Surry Hills Festival stall front

Update The festival was a hit. We talked to people about Fair Trade, Church in Surry Hills and the balloons were popular among the kids. More photos below.

The Surry Hills Festival is coming up on the 27th October and Vine Church is going to be part of it. The festival is all about the community coming together to celebrate arts, sustainability, music, family and food. It's a big day and pulls in people from all around Sydney. We will be taking part by having a stall selling Fair Trade products and connecting with the community. You can read about Fair Trade and how it helps to change traditional trade systems which normally discriminate agaist the poorest producers in the developing world.

Want to get involved and hang out at the stall for a couple of hours?
Get in touch with Xialin or you can email

Even if you can't be at the stall get along to the festival and visit us. Find out about the day.

Surry Hills Festival 2012 Surry Hills Festival Poster
Surry Hills Festival stall side
Fair Trade
Surry Hills Festival Crowd
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