The King’s Healing

Posted: 14 October 2011 / Mark 2:1-12

‘Everything I learned about human nature I learned from me,’ wrote the playwright Anton Chekhov, and the characters he so vividly created – with all their selfishness, their hatred, their dark and desperate desires, their hopelessness – they do rather well to describe us all. Imagine a story whose characters are taken from your own inner life and blown up for all to see.

Something has gone wrong with the human race, and we know it.

The American preacher, Rick Warren says, ‘preaching is the task of starting with what people want then helping them move to what they really need.’

In Mark 2, a paralysed man is brought to Jesus with the obvious need of healing, but Jesus first words to him are, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” In other words he sees through what this man wants and zeroes in on what he really needs: a cure to what has gone wrong with the human race.

Come and explore 'The King's Healing' this Sunday.

Author: Toby Neal / Categories: Sermon Series



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