The Unstoppable Seed: Community Group Study Helpers

Posted: 14 February 2014

This Friday we look forward to next week as our Community Groups gather and look at the four Parables in Mark 4. I use the acronymn SLIM to remember them (soil, lamp, itself, mustard) but English was not a gift that God blessed me with so send through some that are better. These Parables have been titled the Kingdom Parables as Jesus refers to the 'Kingdom of God' three times using the metaphor of seeds to explain the Kingdom. The BIG IDEA of the passage is that the Kingdom of God comes through the unstoppable word of God to produce a Kingdom far greater than any could dream or imagine. So here are some questions you may like to think through...

Q1 - What are the TRUTHS we are called to LOVE

A1 - The word of the King that points us to the Kingdom is what is to take deep root in our lives and is what will produce fruit in our lives.

Q2 - What HINDERS us from believing these truths, and what LIES take us captive

A2 - Satan is not real (v.15); believes are free from troubles and persecutions (v.17); worries, money, and desires are harmless in the Christian life; we grow the Kingdom through our self-suffientcy and self-reliance; the word of our King are weak and powerless and uninspiring.


Next Step is to PRAY, using the Good News of Jesus as our prayer and motivation for change


Q3 - What will a Gospel-Driven life look like if we LOVE the TRUTH

A3 - Can we explain to others the hope to which we have that the coming Kingdom gives us? What things in my life anchor me to living for the now rather than the coming Kingdom...How can I break these chains? How can I invest financially and with service for the things of the Kingdom? 


Hope this helps you think hard about preparing a great time in the Word of God for your Community Group, and stay tuned for next week as we look at Jesus the Leader... 

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