This Sunday: It’s time to shut up and listen

Posted: 11 January 2019

Sometimes people get up and speak and it is all too easy to ignore them and not listen. But sometimes someone comes along and the way they speak and what they say is captivating. You can't not listen, and hang on their every word. There aren't many speakers around like that.

Come along this Sunday to see why Jesus is described as being like no other speaker. He spoke with authority, power, and conviction. When he spoke, things happened and people took notice. But what has he come to say? Brian Leung is going to be preaching to us and it will be a challenging and encouraging.

Don't forget that we have Summer Sessions on for the next three Wednesdays, starting at Bondi this week. On these nights we’ll be hearing from three Viners on what they’re doing in our city, why they do it and how their faith connects with it.

It’ll be a chance for us all to learn something new, visit somewhere new and perhaps make a new friend or two!

Also, community groups will be back on in February. If you're interested in joining one, send me an email or chat to me on Sunday.

Yours in Christ,

Author: Andy Bryan / Categories: News, Sermon Series



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