New series – trusting God in troubled times

Posted: 26 April 2020

We are living in a moment of unprecedented uncertainty, and we’ve been confronted with the fact that our jobs, our investments, our health, our families, our nation, even our way of life is insecure and fragile.

Our world is reeling from events beyond our control and we find ourselves vulnerable to the spread of disease, the decline in financial markets, instability in employment, and the decisions of our leaders and our neighbours. We are experiencing massive impact on our lives, our health, our work and our leisure.

Where is God in all this and what is he saying to a world during troubled times?

The prophet Habakkuk in the Bible speaks to his nation in the midst of their crisis. His message is that no matter how dark things might become, God will be faithful to his promises and his people.

Week 1 – Lamenting: How to pray in times of trouble (Sun, 3 May) 
Week 2 – Trusting: How to rely on God in times of trouble (Sun, 10 May) 
Week 3 – Waiting: How to be patient in times of trouble (Sun, 17 May) 
Week 4 – Humbling: How to stay grounded in times of trouble (Sun, 24 May)
Week 5 – Rejoicing: How to find joy in times of trouble (Sun, 31 May) 

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