Understanding God’s Story

Posted: 01 May 2013

There are many ways one can approach the bible. Some choose to see it only as a rule book, with God calling down commands from above for his creatures to adhere to. Some choose to see it only as a good 'life-guide', providing different segments of wisdom for many circumstances in our lives. But what about seeing it as a story. I dont mean as a myth or fiction, but a narrative held together with a single thread of promise, to which we see God act and ourselves featured.

Yes, the bible does contain rules for God's creatures, and yes, the bible is a place for us to find wisdom that speaks into our daily lives. But understanding the bible as a grand narrative of God, helps us gain a deeper and greater insight into the God who reveals himself throughout history as a promise-keeper and savior of the world. 

Over the next 9-10 weeks, Vine Church Community Groups are making their way through a course module from Porterbrook Learning, titled 'Understanding God's Story'. This is an opportunity for Vine Church to see how the bibles many parts all fit together in one grand narrative, that finds its climax and fulfillment in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We have chosen to do this in line with our sermon series in the book of Genesis, as we begin in Genesis 12 by looking at the promise God gives to Abraham which threads its way throughout the rest of bible. Our hope is that this series provokes us to want to know how the story of promise continues throughout the rest of the Old Testament and into the New. 

This course from Porterbrook Learning will both help us see the richness of the bible as a whole, and provide us with a greater confidence in approaching all of God's word for our devotional lives. Therefore, we will be making this material available online, as I will be producing short teaching videos on this material, so that if you are away from Community Group for a week, you can catch up. I will also be posting up some helpful resources alongside this course to help you go deeper into the material.

Helpful Reading Material:

TIm Chester, Creation to New Creation,
The Good Company; (United Kingdom: 2010).
$9.69 Book Depository.com

Graham Goldsworthy, According to Plan,
Intervarsity Press; (United KIngdom: 1991).
$15.77 Book Depository.com 

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