Vine Church Weekend Away 2020

Posted: 12 March 2020

Whether you've been with us every week or are new to Vine Church, we would love you to join us on our weekend away. We're going to have a great time together at the beautiful Stanwell Tops, relaxing with friends and hearing Bible talks. 

Friday 19 – Sunday 21 June (The Tops Conference Centre) 

Speaker: Derek Hanna

Derek lives in Brisbane with his wife Jacqueline and their three boys where they attend Ithica Presbyterian Church. Derek works for Geneva Push, one of our global partners where he helps new churches start all around Australia. Derek loves cricket, reading, and spends his time buying things faster than his boys can destroy them. 

Topic: The Last Days – Waiting for the Return of Jesus 

If Jesus is returning, what does that mean now? Why is life such a struggle? How do we make decisions? How do we live and why? What will it look like when Jesus does return? 

What's the weekend away about? 

Growing in community: Enjoy a weekend away with Vine Church family, getting to know and encouraging each other. 

Learning from the Bible: We want to grow in our understanding of God's word, as we look at the last days. 

Relaxing on the South Coast: Stanwell Tops is a beautiful place. We'll have a balanced program with sessions and free time to help you focus on Jesus and rest and recharge. 

The Tops Conference Centre 

‘The Tops’ is around an hour south of Sydney, close to Bald Hill Lookout, the famous Sea Cliff bridge and Stanwell Park beach. The site is big and has lots of outdoor spaces. The Tops is known as one of the best venues for conferences and camps, and they are great at catering for special diets and groups with various needs. During free time there will be the opportunity to explore the south coast or to stay and relax on site if you’d prefer.


Male and Female Rooms

Most guests attending our weekend away will be staying in either male or female rooms. Each room has an ensuite and on your registration form you can let us know who you would like to share a room with (we'll do our best to accomodate!)

Married Couple Rooms

Unfortunately we are not able to provide private rooms for married couple because of the limited number of rooms. In future years we will endeavour to change this. 

Family Rooms 

Families with parents and children will be accomodated in private rooms. We aim to place families close together to make supervision easier across the weekend. 


Please note that registrations will close on Wednesday, 7 June due to accomodation and catering deadlines. 

Earlybird registration prices apply until Monday, 20 April. Day tickets will also then become available. 


If you have any questions or would like more information about the weekend away, please get in touch with Kate Stace here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I register now?

We would love you to register now so that you don't miss out. More than that, we’d love to cater for you well! If you have kids, we’d love to make sure that there are more than enough helpers and that we can give you a room that suits your family. Either way, don’t be shy! Feel free to reach out with your questions and get them answered.

What will my kids do for the weekend?

We will have a great kids program running throughout the weekend during most sessions. In order to make this happen, parents will be assigned a session per child to help out (i.e. if your family has two children, we'll ask you and your spouse to help out with two sessions in total, or one each). 

What if I can’t afford it, but I want to come?

Every year we have people who would love to come on the weekend away, but aren’t able to afford it. We have put aside subsidies to make this possible, and some people have already got in touch about them which is great! Please don’t be nervous about approaching us, we would love to chat to you about them. Kate ( is the best person to talk to.

What if I can only come for part of it?

The weekend away is designed to be great from start to finish so we encourage you to come for the whole thing if we can. After earlybird registrations close, day tickets and other accomodation options (if available) will be released. Please get in touch if you have more questions. 

What if I don’t have a car to get there?

If that’s you, please indicate on your registration form and we will organise a lift for you. Lots of people will be driving down on the Friday night who can take you!

What if I can only get there late?

Friday night will be a chilled and relaxed night. We know that not everyone will be able to make it at 6pm or 7pm so please join us when you are able. Please have dinner before you arrive (or bring it with you). There are lots of good options in the township of Stanwell Park or Helensburgh.

If you have other questions that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to contact Kate Stace here.




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