We’re moving back home!

Posted: 05 May 2022

With all the rain, the move in to the building has been pushed back to 19 June. We are really hoping this is the final and definitive date for the move in and are already planning our first Sunday and starting to purchase furniture to fit out the site.

If you are an organisational wiz and would be able to help us with logistics and managing the setup the site please let Lauren know.

There will be more information rolling out in the coming weeks. We are really looking forward to moving you and the rest of our community back home.

We're hoping you will join together to make the following happen.

  • Moving Week
  • Move In Sunday
  • Open Day
  • Building Dedication with dignatrories
  • Mission Festival; and
  • Guest Speaker Sundays

It's going to be a really exciting season for our church. Continue to pray God would use us in this renovated building to make a deeper impact for Jesus Christ in our community.

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