We’re moving home!

Posted: 31 May 2022

We're so excited to move home into an amazing building which will help us connect more and more people to Jesus.

We are fairly confident that we hold our Move-In Sunday on July 3, 10am with Vine Kids + Youth and 4.30pm

There are four key ways you can contribute to moving us back home:

1. Contribute a housewarming gift

We invite you to consider contributing to a house-warming present to help fill our new home with all that  will help us warmly welcome everyone and anyone who will come & explore Jesus with us. We’ve created a gift registry of items we are seeking to fill the church with. There are different gifts depending on our differing capacities to give.


2. Help Us Move

Give some of your time and energy to moving and unpacking boxes. It'll be lots of fun and with many hands only a little bit of hard work. Let us know here if you are able to help. There may be extra days in the week we more extra help that isn't listed here.

Saturday, 25 June – 2pm - 5pm + arvo tea
Thursday, 30 June — 6:30pm – 9:30pm + dinner
Saturday, 2 July — 9am – 5pm + lunch

Let us know you can help here

3. Come along to Move-In Sunday 

Sunday, July 3 at 10am with Vine Kids + Youth and 4.30pm

Moving into the building isn't just about boxes and furniture. Biblically, the church isn't a building it's a people. As you read the Bible, you'll find the church described as a body, a flock, Christ's bride and as a family. Church is who we are, not just a place we go to. Move-In Sunday is about moving us, the church, back into the building.

If you're keen to help and be involved on this day, you can see the opportunities to serve here.

Please be patient with each other. Like any moving day it will will be a little messy as we find our feet in our new home.

4. Invite your friends!

It’s our prayer that our friends and community would come and hear about the life, love and freedom Jesus offers in this place. Why not invite those you know along to join you at one or all of the following Sundays:

Sunday, 9 October — Speaker Toby Neal + Official Opening
Sunday, 16 October — Guest speaker John Dickson
Sunday, 23 October — Guest speaker Dan Paterson

We are excited to announce in the coming months a number of celebration events we will be hosting to invite our community along too. Stay tuned!

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