We’ve postponed our Relaunch

Posted: 28 July 2020

Join us on Sunday online at 10am and 4.30pm

This Sunday was mean’t to be the relaunch of services at Vine Church. But given we are seeing COVID cases growing in Sydney, with some local hotspots (thank you Harpoon Harry!) we’ve decided to postpone the relaunch to Sunday 16 August.

Watch the announcement here

This is disappointing for us all. I hope you feel the loss.

Christ bled and died to overcome the way sin scatters us into seperate tribes and isolates us as self willed people. He died to bring us to God and to remove the hostility between nations, families and neighbours. Every time we gather, we proclaim the miracle of what Jesus has done in bringing us together. This miracle is not just seen by the watching world, but also by the watching heavenly beings (checkout Ephesians 2:11-3:13 especially 3:10).

We don’t demonstrate this miracle of God sitting at home by ourselves, watching something we find personally uplifting. God has called us to meet with His new people and to encourage and build one another up in love.

So please think about who you could invite over to watch the livestream at 10am or 4.30pm. Don’t wait till Sunday. Organise it now!

On Sunday, we are continuing our series Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose as we look at how the Holy Spirit changes our hearts from being focused on ourselves to being focused on others.


What are our Covid safe procedures? 

Vine Church is registered as a Covid Safe place of worship with the NSW Government.

Here's what you can expect:

1. Everyone must register for the service they plan to attend. This will make check in faster, and enable us to keep contact tracing records! 

2. We'll be taking temperature checks for each person that comes onto the site, including children. If your temperature is 38 degrees or higher, we'll ask you not to join us.

3. Please don't attend if you have any cold or flu symptoms at all. Please stay home. If you're a parent, please don't bring sick kids. We know this is difficult in winter, but we don't want to have to turn you away. 

4. We'll be abiding by social distancing regulations, with seating 1.5m apart, no mingling inside or shared items like pencils, Connect cards or Bibles. Please bring your own Bible.

5. We won't be serving food, and our coffee will be in disposable cups only outside. You may also want to bring a water bottle. 


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