What is wrong with the world?

Posted: 15 March 2022

Over the months of November and December we asked our community the question "What is wrong with the world?"

We've loved the conversations and hearing your responses to this question. We’re a church that wants to engage with our local community and explore the life, love and freedom found in Jesus Christ with you.

In the lead up to Easter we will be explore the top 4 responses to:

What is wrong with the world?

Climate Change, Sunday, 3 April
In recent years our TV screens and newsfeeds have been flooded with stories relating to environmental and ecological concerns: Bushfires, floods, air pollution and the melting of ice caps, to name just a few. How do you feel about these issues? Anxious? Skeptical? Apathetic? What does God think about these issues and does he have a plan for the world?

Selfishness, Sunday, 10 April
The 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes argued that self interest is the most fundamental human motivation. In recent times Covid-19 has not just increased anxiety and placed our lives on hold, it has also highlighted how selfish people can truly be. Is humanity inherently selfish? Is there a cure for this self centred world?

Hatred, Good Friday, 15 April
Racial discrimination and the war in Ukraine are powerful reminders that hate can be deeply destructive. Hate is a powerful and poisonous emotion. Is it possible for love to ever overcome hate?

Injustice, Easter Sunday, 17 April
When we look at the world around us, we see bad things happening to good people and good things happening to bad people. If there is a God, does He care about this suffering and injustice? How could He possibly let this happen and does He have a solution?

Everyone welcome!

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