I don’t believe in God because…

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We asked, and you answered! This winter we polled our local community, both online and IRL, and found out your top 3 objections to believing in God!⁠ 

Come along and try church with us this August! We invite you to explore whether faith in God is deep nonsense or provides deep insights into the meaning of life. 

I don't believe in God because...


Join us this August for a series of talks that look at the top 3 objections to belief in God. ⁠⁠

I don’t believe in God because…  there is no evidence⁠
Sunday, 13 August⁠ | Speaker: Mark Stephens⁠
with gelato after each service

I don’t believe in God because…  religion is too restrictive⁠
Sunday, 20 August⁠ |  Speaker: Toby Neal⁠
with mulled wine and pretzels

I don’t believe in God because…  there is too much pain
Sunday, 27 August⁠ | Speaker: Ian Powell⁠
with Portuguese tarts and hot chocolate


About our speakers

Mark Stephens
Mark is a gifted communicator and has profound insights on Christianity and Culture. Mark was Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity, and now spends his weeks lecturing at Sydney Missionary Bible College.
Toby Neal 
Toby began Vine Church in 2011 with the conviction that while inner city people might say they are not interested in religion, Jesus Christ has not stopped being relevant. Toby is an engaging preacher as he draws together insights from culture, arts and film to help show the benefits and beauty of the gospel.
Ian Powell 
We are excited to have Ian Powell speaking on the issue of God and suffering. Ian is one of the most gifted preachers in Australia and has spent decades sharing the message of Jesus with young workers in the city of Sydney. He is now the Lead Pastor of St Matts Wanniassa in Canberra.

“Sceptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense.”— Carl Sagan

Questioning Christianity

We understand that many individuals face barriers when it comes to embracing faith in a higher power. In fact, recent research indicates that 50% of non-religious people who don’t believe in a God because they want a more ‘science and evidence based’ approach to belief.  We want to understand what obstacles you may be facing in encountering God.

We’d love to start a conversation with you about whether faith in God is deep nonsense or provides deep insights into the meaning of life.

In 2023, we are asking ‘what is stoping you from believing in God?’  
No matter who you are – sceptic, seeker or saint – we’d love to hear what questions or objections you have.

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