The Jungle

Posted: 03 June 2019

Starting Friday 14, June

The Jungle is a kids club hosted by Vine Church, Surry Hills. Every Friday afternoon (during school terms) kids can come to hang out, play some games and explore who God is. Everyone in years 3-6 is welcome at the Jungle!

Who are the leaders at The Jungle? 

The Jungle is led by Bruce Linton, who has over 30 years experience running programs for kids. Bruce is currently involved in teaching Special Religious Education (SRE) at Crown St and Bourke St Public School. Bruce’s team of leaders all hold current working with children checks and have completed training in safe ministry.

I would like to bring my child to The Jungle. What do I need to...

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What’s the point when my calendar is full but I’m running on empty?

Posted: 28 May 2019

Over this series we've had more than 70 visitors - friends, colleagues, family members and lots of people who don't normally come to church. If you have someone in your life who doesn't normally come to church or know much about Jesus, the next three weeks are an amazing opportunity to bring them along.

Our weeks can often feel like they are crammed full of iCal reminders, running late to catch up with friends, and turning around on a Sunday night to do it all again. In the midst of all of this, it's easy to keep running on autopilot.

This Sunday Al Stewart will be preaching on 'What's the point when my calendar is full but I'm running on empty?' - giving us hope in a busy...

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Going Global 2019

Posted: 23 May 2019

Around the world, Christianity is on the move as people respond to the good news of Jesus. Join us this June as we learn about, pray for and give to global mission.

This is your chance to:

Hear updates from our global partners and discover what God is doing in Africa, Europe and beyond.

Give to support exciting projects our global partners have under way.

Pray for the proclamation of the gospel around the world.

Join us each Sunday as we hear about these exciting opportunities.


Going Global Prayer Breakfast 

Come along to the Going Global Prayer Breakfast on Saturday 15 June. We'll be hearing from John and Leonie Menzies, former missionaries in Bolivia and...

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What’s the point when I never have enough money?

Posted: 20 May 2019

We had a great Mother’s Day weekend at church last week with 36 mums joining us, many of whom don’t normally go to church. I spoke with one of the mums at church who said the gift she received in the service was the only gift she received as her child is so young. She was encouraged to press on as a mum.

This Sunday we’ve got Al Stewart continuing his excellent series “What’s the Point”, where he is looking at what makes a meaningful life. This Sunday he’s looking at the topic of money and whether the treadmill of acquisition brings meaning to life.

This Sunday I will also be providing an update on where the Property Development plans are at.

Enjoy your election weekend and...

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What’s the point when good things never seem to last very long?

Posted: 13 May 2019

Last week we kicked off our series on Ecclesiastes which contains ancient wisdom on the meaning of life. This Sunday Al Stewart is continue by looking at the question:

What's the point when good things never seem to last?

I don’t know whether you feel the pursuit of pleasure is an unending quest that never satisfies. Join us this Sunday as we explore where to find real contentment in life.

This Sunday morning we’ve got a special service to celebrate Mothers Day. Our amazing Foodies team are putting on a high tea style spread with cakes and petit fours from Christopher's Cake Shop, so why not invite your mum along?

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What’s the Point?

Posted: 08 May 2019

Starting 5 May 

Doesn't it seem like everyone is busy, all the time?

We pack our days with our long lists of to do's, whether it's going from one social event to another, eating at our desk at 1pm to get through a few more emails, or staying up until midnight to finish the latest binge-worthy Netflix show.

For some, life is an exhilarating chase of everything our city and this world has to offer. For others, life can be a monotonous daily cycle, as unending (and depressing) as our Instagram feed. Either way, the FOMO can be very real, and anxiety-inducing.

With life’s dramas of late work nights and late bill payments, business plans and diet plans, Facebook likes and...

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Women’s Dinner 2019

Posted: 03 April 2019

Vine Church Women's dinner 


We’d love to invite all the women of our church to a special dinner on Saturday 4 May! We've got cheese platters to kick off the night, then Chargrill Charlies will be providing a delicious catered sit down dinner with pulled beef ribs, baked Tasmanian salmon, incredible salads and sides.

It’s going to be a relaxed evening catching up and spending time with each other and we’d love to have you there.

Date:   Saturday, 4 May — 7pm
Location:  Liz Neal’s house (Surry Hills)
Cost:   $27
BYO alcohol (optional)

Register for tickets here today! 

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It’s time to trust him in the valley

Posted: 08 March 2019

This Sunday we are exploring the topic of doubt as we look at what happens on the mountain and in the valley in Mark 9.

The climax of the story is the cry of a father who's son is being destroyed by an evil spirit. He breaks down and saying Jesus: "I believe; help my unbelief!"

It is a strange statement, but I wonder if you can relate to it. I wonder if you have had the experience of both struggling to trust God with something, and yet having no one else but him to turn to.

Come and explore this Sunday what hope Jesus has to offer those of us who wrestle with doubt.

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It’s time to choose

Posted: 01 March 2019

This Sunday at Vine Church we'll be looking at Mark 8:27-38 and the choice that Jesus gives us. For eight chapters Jesus has been displaying a set of characteristics that provide a compelling body of evidence in terms of figuring out his character. This Sunday, we not only find out the answer to the question - who is this man? Jesus helps us see who we are as well.

The famous writer CS Lewis said this: “Christianity if false is of no importance and if true of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.” (CS Lewis)

On Sunday our lead pastor Toby will get up and explain how we as a church are acting to keep vulnerable people safe, as we reflect on...

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It’s time to see your blindness

Posted: 22 February 2019

This Sunday at Vine Church we are looking at the two-stage healing the blind man in Mark 8 which is sandwiched between two stories where the disciples of Jesus prove themselves to be utterly and spiritually blind.

Helen Keller—the most famous blind woman ever to live—described what it is like to live with blindness:

It is to live long, long days, and life is made up of days. It is to live immured, baffled, impotent, all God's world shut out. It is to sit helpless, defrauded, while your spirit strains and tugs at its fetters, and your shoulders ache. . . (Helen Keller)

In Mark 8, Jesus uses physical blindness as a picture of what we are often like spiritually.

Have you...

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